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Book Guard is a laminated adhesive book cover that helps books last up to 4 times longer. You can use Book Guard to reinforce brand new paperbacks and periodicals or to repair your older, damaged books to keep them in circulation for a few more years.

Book Guard's wrap-around design offers double-reinforcement of the spine and hinges and helps prevent dog-eared corners, stains, and markings. But don't take our word for it, get it for yourself and see why it's been a #1 choice among librarians since 1978.

  • Saves libraries and book collectors thousands of dollars a year
  • Repairs, restores and extends the life of paperbacks and periodicals of all sizes
  • Pre-cut design requires no tools or training
  • Repositionable delay-bond adhesive bonds permanently in 2 to 4 hours
  • 4-mil gloss finish film
  • Easy to apply two-piece covers with overlapping spine pieces for double protection on paperbacks up to 1½ inches thick


Book Guard is easy as 1, 2, 3. It requires no special tools or training and applies in seconds, making it possible to reinforce or repair hundreds of books in a matter of hours and not days. Just follow the steps below or print them to keep a copy in your office.


1. Place the book down on flat surface with its front cover down.
    Place Book Guard sheet on top of the book with the glossy side up.
    Peel paper backing from spine portion of the cover.


2. Press spine strip down against the book spine.

3.gif 3. Slowly peel away release backing, keeping cover close to the book surface.

4. Starting at spine, press down on cover working out toward edge.
    Reposition if needed.


5. Fold the rest of the tabs.
    Cut the corners to the size if needed.
    Then turn the book over and repeat with the front of the book.